Sandi: September 08

Chicago and recruitment
So anyway with all the weird shit and like stalker city Poppa Mils was spending more time with me than Nannie Ali and my mom dint like that so she like totally soaked this fed guy Shawn for the fare to Chi-town and we set up in this little apartment just off East 54th, kinda near Nichols but also near the El, and not far from the Agarpay place which could be handy as mom says. Then when we finished cleaning in comes Meshell and you know she and mom are cold, cause theres this boy history or whatever, so I was wondering why but seems like Shawn sent some money and a better ID by her, anyway Meshell takes me shopping and helps me write a seevee and later I went in and talked to this guy Jack about a reception job off Hyde Park. So anyway we are talking and he asks me something about guns and I just you know come out with some stuff Web told me like I’m so into them and his jaw is like on the floor it was hilarious. He tells me I can have the job part-time which is so cool. Later maybe a week or so there’s this shit goes down in Nichols and I’m running over to West 51st then up Fed Street to Taylor and blam, I run into this one guy I’d seen around the place, kinda cute, so then he lays down on me for getting in the way and then Jack you know that like gave me the part-time job comes up and says you think you can work with a team and I’m like totally there.


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