The Ben-Pao major trauma

H-h’lo? Ronni? Yea’sme. L-like I hate this place an I wanna quit cause like the guys are so mean cause they are all like laughing at me just cause I put my hand in some stupid soup…

Like I was kinda on the table…

No silly not table dancing just like getting over the table cause there was this flakey type next to us and Hitch’s mom saw me and I got soup on my good outfit and she’ll laugh at me and like write me up as this stupid klutz. No I soaked it in the bathroom with hand soap and there’s no more smell but it’s still a little wet and yeah she’s like this famous writer or something…

No Hitch, like, kinda cute, but kinda short and his car is like this old station wagon I think his grandpop musta given him. He keeps asking all of us to get in it…

Yeah Cliff has this big SUV, I don’t know if he likes girls, he hasn’t invited us to his club and he hardly says word one except to order me round. Anyway he’s like a midget, I’m taller than him in your boots…

No that’s Dan he’s… yeah but you know old and dating and anyway once you go black you never go back!

Yeah Caleb, he’s a hottie. Mmhmh. Like I sure hope he’s pre-enrolled cause like it would be cool if we were freshers together but if he’s still a high school senior and I’m UC then it would be kinda icky…

No Paul is the tallest but like he wasn’t there tonight. He talks like Sideshow Bob, I think he’s from Boston or someplace. He hates like everyone, not just girls.

So like can you help me with my makeup I think my eyes have swolled up. And can you save me some bagels I never got to eat anything. Yeah I’ll bring pizza! GTG- TTFN!


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