Hitch’s Journal: Halloween and after

Between 31 October and 1 November, many things went bump in the night. Strangely, the things going bump in the night were humans, on various nefarious missions, bimbling into each other.

The mysterious identity of the Mitsubishi coupe’s owner photographing Cliff proved to be Joseph Green, head of Unit 14 of the Illinios State Police, the uncanny investigation unit or “Spook Squad.” Unit 14 has recently been reformed after its disbandment following the construction of the Sears Tower, and the subsequent lowering of uncanny incidents in Chicago. The Unit’s re-establishment, unfortunately, was not accompanied by a commitment to appropriately fund an effective body. Joe Green is very nearly sole charge. Jack recommends being nice to Mr Green, and cooperating with the Unit.

Mission: so you’re looking for trouble/torches in the dark
The party planned to return to the site of the vampire nest in the sewage plant, to search for further clues. Sandi, Dan, Hitch, and Cliff went, Paul and Caleb had other duties.
Surprise one: The team found three heavies in balaclava smashing windows in Hitch’s car. The situation turned into a Mexican stand-off, where the heavies declined to enter into dialogue over why it was all going on. A young man (Mediterranean appearance) swooped in with a get-away car, almost running down the team to do so. The vehicle had mismatched Illinois and Texas licence plates.
Surprise two: At the Sewage plant, the team made a grisly find of human remains, and surprised a pair of armed individuals who were also searching the site. The individuals fled the scene rather than discuss the reason for their presence. Pursuit of the pair was discouraged by gunfire. In the car park, tyre tracks indicated that an SUV burnt some rubber getting away. After the completion of the mission, the group visited Joe Green, and reported on the people the party had encounted. We helped provide artist impressions of the young man who almost ran down the team, and the pair from the nest. The office was also informed that there were six rubbish bags of human remains in the nest.
Surprise three: Hitch took his car to Pyotr’s home for storage until the following morning. Convivial drinking ensued, and Hitch slept on the couch. In the morning, the first panel beaters that Hitch arrived at, Eagle Autos, appeared to employ the young driver from the carpark incident, this individual avoided questioning. Also at the shop was a large blonde bloke who was this young man’s superior. Apparently, Eagle Autos enjoys the reputation of being a chop shop.

Other incidents of note:
Sandi’s University applications were completed with help of Hitch.
Dan’s love life snagged as he came clean to Mary the ME.
Paul shifted (secret to everyone, poor Cliff), work on transmitter continues.

Jack gave out information about the Olympians in Chicago:
The family Bianchi (necromancy and summoning) was driven to extinction in the 1970s by their foes the Hagens (mind control). The Hagens are now Chicago’s top dogs.


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