The Bowling Alley Trauma: September 08

Jack told me this was very interesting and I needed to focus on the positive which is that positively gremlins are something I really hate. He was all like Gremlins have not been reliably sited since 1948, this is very interesting and I’m like I got frickin gremlin goo in my hair dude.

Like how it went down we were sent out to the local bowling alley to get a nexis reading. When Caleb brought the breadmaker thingy in, we started getting a weird feeling. An empty bowling alley at night, OMG like slasher-flick scarey! Things moving up in the ceiling, even scarier!

When electronics started fritzing Hitch and Paul figured out it must be gremlins, we pulled out and had a strategy session. We got all sorts of cool shit together so we could see the little mothers, like a dustbuster filled with sparkles, and we rigged up a trap kinda thingy to put around the breadmaker. We all agreed to turn off our phones too, I know harsh right?

So like we go back in there with b-bats and try to outsmart the gremlins, which works out about how you could guess if you ever watched that old movie about gremlins. They drop bowling balls on us, and tableware, but luckily not condiments, and we finally start tagging them and these gremlins get the stuffing knocked out of them, but literally. I am like totally showered with guts from one of the gremlins and like it gets right in my hair and I’m like totally freaking and I run to the washroom and wash and wash cause eww!

Dan made a mean crack about my hair, like WTF cause Paul had the mean cracks all staked out as his territory up til then. Hitch tried to put things right, he’s a sweetie that way, and Dan tried to laugh it off then made a half-assed apology. Now I think of it maybe that had something to do with what I did when Dan was about to be chewed on, but tell u about that l8r TTFN 🙂


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