Guys and cars: Nov 08

OMG Flakey types not being into us I get, but like sometimes even the good guys get on our case and we have to play cool. Then when we play cool the bad guys get on our case big-time and we get a lecture from Jack about it LOL!

Did I mention the blue mitsi coupe Joe Green drives? We tracked it back to the fed building where like those state troopers and FBI and whatever hang out. I’m doing a little undercover wearing Caleb’s letterman jacket šŸ™‚ then I go in with a pizza to ID Joe’s face and make sure it is him has been like stalking Cliff. We do get to talk to him after more weird shit in the vampire nest, he seems OK.

Then like a day after the vampire tunnel mission, we head out from TSM and these like mob types are knocking the glass out of Hitch’s old wagon! OMG Hitch was so pissed and Cliff and Caleb and even Paul and Dan were ready to lay into them like must be a guy thing! Only like I could see these were maybe wiseguys and had some 12-gauge backup not just bats and shit. This one younger guy donuts his SUV round to pick up the wiseguys and they all take off, Hitch is still yelling at them to explain he does that a bunch.

Then Hitch takes his old wagon around to like this auto panel shop and tells us he has found the same guy that drove the SUV! Time to get our game faces on!

It just kinda worked out that me and Caleb pulled tailing duty together, like I’m not saying that I had nothing to do with it LOL! Like I thought it was time to close the deal or move on, so we drive out thru the burbs, lose them, go hang out at a mall but Caleb doesn’t want to go see a movie, huh like whatever but I do get to meet his parents cause they live nearby so I’m gettin mixed signals from dat boi. I decide to back off a little to see if his playbook has Sandi in it.


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