Hitch’s research
Anton Romano, brother of Bart (of Eagle Autos) is a high profile lawyer for Wolfgang & Hearst, a top criminal law firm with a record of representing mob honchos.
One notable non-mob client was Ralph Hagen.

Gossip, via Corinna the ‘Chicago reader’s’ gossip columnist, says that case was nasty: Ralph apparently assaulted a girlfriend, Bronwyn Sharp: Sharp’s reputation was blackened and she was driven to a breakdown.
Corinna also says: Anton Romano and Tessa Frost have parted company.

Paul’s research
More on vulgar vampires, last recorded case of necromancy in Indiana four weeks ago. A warranted Academy team took the necromancer out. The last identified case of the conscious creation of higher-order vampires was during the Russian Civil War when men of the Czech legion purposely infected others to create an undead anti-Red force.
Notes: Tessa interested in power, possibly immortality? Just a thought.

Cliff’s research
Only two personalities are publically known to be involved in Viitae Ltd: Theodore Russell, the genial patron, and Tessa. It appears that Vitae’s brick-and-mortar presence is a lab dedicated to genetic research. There were some positive news stories 2005: Then protest stories over the construction of the Beacon Hill Lab 2006-2007: The company gets its legal advice from Wolfgang & Hearst.
Also, a drive-by of the lab at night indicates that the lab is well guarded and very busy after dark.

Tentative conclusions
We can theorize we saw Tessa with Anton Romano, not Bart Romano; and that he has served her purpose.
We speculate that perhaps a lab investigating vampires would be busy at night.

Other speculations
Given what Jack has provided us about the Hagens, Paul and I agree that the real enemy is probably the Bianchis. There seems little doubt that they would have the necromantic chops to control vampires and thus make a bid for power once more.

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