He ain’t all that

Mom? So wild that you called, I’m like crazy with stuff buzzing my head I gotta say. To you know, you. Well mainly about Web but also like there was this guy ok and he liked me, his name was Zack, he gave me this mix tape but like he wasn’t my scene and I got this totally poppin makeover you know Lady gaga… with nail sheaths and gorgeous platinum hair… yeah sure my hair is bleached… well I woulda bought a wig but they cost so much I coulnt afford a wig and a new outfit… Yeah I bought all black because of Zack getting killed black moleskins black sneakers black spaghetti top and blouse and… well like thats what I was tellin you, Zack the guy who like gave me the mix tape got chewed up and killed by some nightstalker fiend or vampire or something, and I was really down cause it coulda been me. No literally it coulda been me the vamp was after cause Zack was wearing kinda the same stuff I was and riding the same type scooter and workin at the same place. Yeah I shoulda called you but things were goin down really fast, first we went patrolling in the park and bagged a vamp, then last night we are out at this place where you know flakey types are doing science stuff, and Web and the G hit it and there was bodies all over they killed like everyone they saw, I was like OMG did Web do this I coulnt believe it cause hes so cool to you know hang out with. But like Mom if Web is that into killing I gotta tell you he aint all that, you should cool it with him. I know Nannie Ali would say Maclaine women gotta make their own mistakes, but like poppa Mils says we only got each other. So yeah sorry to you know lay it on you but oh you might come by? Like on the bus? Oh like by air? Wow OK uhmm you remember where the partment is right? Yeah we are all still there, Ronni that Ronn-Della you met her right so she is way cool and we share like everything she has these killer boots… yeah and Uhleesha thats with a U not like Alicia Keyes? She works nights mostly so best if ya SMS me to find out where I am if we arent meeting at the airport. OK cool luv u bye!

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