Hitch’s Journal: a new friend and old foes

Hitch got dispatched to cover the discovery of two bodies, fished out of Lake Michigan. On the site was a previously-unknown member of Unit 14, Quentin North, tall, 50s, leather jacket and sideburns. Also Mary, medical examiner, who avoided eye contact. The two bodies turned out to (probably) be the Francesco brothers, Lorenzo and Dominic – both decapitated.

Funnily enough, the Feds were interested in the bodies, which is odd.
Perhaps the case was interstate because other decapitated bodies had turned up in (let’s say) Toledo, Ohio, or the G was interested, or both.

Sam, Hitch’s sub, had dispatched Hitch to this job. Perhaps Sam has an interest in the uncanny, and he has decided that Hitch is his ‘freaks and geeks’ reporter.

Info and leads
It appears that the forces behind Vitae Ltd have decided to cover their trails with the murder of the Francesco brothers: perhaps they are launching into a major cover-up. And the G really do have a talent for keeping things under a lid. So what leads do the team have? The biggest and brightest lead is whatever is in the encrypted files: time for a read!

Five researchers were identified on the project.
If the dead woman behind Lessing’s desk was Dr Marian Lessing the other four researchers are Dr Raymond Chase, Dr Leopold Utmar, Dr Raymond Laurence and Dr Milo Livingstone. It is probable that the G kidnapped at least a representative from this group (we saw three bagged prisoners): that means that there could be some very frightened researchers looking for a friend.

Another thought, which occurs to Hitch after writing up the identification of the lake bodies, is to find what has happened to Olly Francesco and the others at the chop shop: Bart Romano, Juan Rodriguez and Antonio ‘Lucky’ Bartolo?

And of course, following this tragedy, the Head of Vitae Ltd’s Public Relations, Tessa Frost, will need to be contacted for statements by the press.

Last thing to note: The G seem dangerously heavy-handed. They probably have files on all of us!

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