Hitch’s Journal: Christmas comes but once a year

The rest of the year is a welcome rest. Patrols to Nexii continue, but no big emergencies, just plenty of sleep, time at the gym, working on our jobs. I moved back into my flat, and Paul visited to do security on the home computer. He seemed underwhelmed by the place. I have now moved to keeping my journal on a memory stick, which I back up to a different memory stick. It isn’t going to stay on the hard drive where my “e-friend” can access it.

Had a good Christmas function, went ten-pin bowling – at the alley we cleaned out. It was great, nice to see Jack laughing. Even Paul made it, only after it was made clear that some wine of at least a halfway decent vintage would be there.

Oh well, Auld Lang Syne awaits, let’s see what the new year and spring brings.

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