Zappo! Nov 08

OMG WTF I just paid like $30 for the new blouse and a fricking vamp rips the back off it plus for all the mind the boyz paid my new look I may as well not have bothered not that I care what they think but like its nice to know they notice right? Plus Jack dises my idea about the tranq gun like sayin how police never use tranq darts cause they cant tell if the target is gonna drop or die or just relax a little.

On the up side I got to find a nice black handbag now that totally holds everything, even the latest thing I am trying which is like a stun gun. Ever since I scared that one date outa my room which was like hilarious btw I had the idea that hey a stun gun aint against the Objective Premiere I could totally use it if it comes to close-in fighting. I checked out a few models and got a short light one that totally fits into my new semi-Prada handbag.

It was nice how Hitch met my mom but like he was all “Mrs Maclaine this” and “Mrs Maclaine that” and she is all like “call me Candy honey” we caught up again l8r and he told me all about his date with this Tawnee chick he useta date. Funny how the guy Hitch was beefin about is this one guy Ash Loxley cause mom warned me about a guy called that back in OH. Or a name kinda like that. Its not like hes the only guy my mom warned me about LOL! I’ll call mom and mention it. I guess I wont be able to go back to Cleveland for Christmas so its my chance to say love to mom and Nannie Ali and poppa Mils.

Totally lookin forward to trying the stun gun.

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