A jolly boat-cruise to Third Fish Island

In world affairs, Obama has just returned from charming the pants off Europe. At home, the recession is starting to really bite for Joe and Jane Six-Pack. On the streets of Chicago it’s cold, wet, and miserable.

For the Windy City investigators of the uncanny their work has reached an easier flow despite Jack being in and out of hospital. The team has taken more responsibility for operations including checking the Nexii, which slowly continue to grow in power. A handful of common vampires have been eliminated by the Carpathian Friendly Society (Eva’s family) with help from the team.

It’s been a time to research, train, and for some – watch Super Bowl XLIII in peace. It’s been almost too quiet. It can’t possibly last.

The team prepares to check NX23 on little known Third Fish Island. It’s been 6 months since Eva and Jack last checked. The weather is clear this Thursday so its time to set sail into uncharted waters.


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Weekly Roleplayer, Wargamer when I can
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