Fish Faces: Apr 09

I like know a teensy bit about boats cause Uhleesha’s Uncle Barry whose her last-but-one dad works at Team Shogren and took us out this one time. So like this was a light recreational with a couple big outboards the pilot was one of the Carpathians like Eva’s uncle Petrov I dint really remember him from Christmas but he was cool. We loaded up our gear which is like the new little breadmaker, polyprops, a couple wetsuits, guns and ammo, bats, climbing gear and the usual shit. Our briefing was this Nexis 23 was in some cave on 3rd fish island’s north end. Or south end. Anyhow one of the ends, lucky I wasn’t navigating LOL.
So like we got near this creepy island of doom and check it out, mysterious weeds mysteriously tangled our props! Caleb starts stripping down for the wetsuit, its totally like that one TV show about the ferry, but luckily he doesnt get chewed up in the prop or suddenly tied onto the keel, while he’s under I swipe his mobile and check out his call list, turns out he does have a honey her name is Briony which kinda makes me feel better about not being on his playlist. Specially as theres this one cute Carpathians guy I was seeing a couple times over the break. But jealous jealous! OK I am over Caleb. Promise.
We land on the north-east where theres an old dock or pier and head south. We figure the cave is like in the big rocky clump of rocks but can’t get to it from where we are, work our way round to where theres light woods, really pretty really cept then we find where the ground’s been dug over like grave size, OMG bring on the creep factor again!
We find the cave wishing we had brought some heavy shit with us, I go scout and find a big inner cave and an ambush I know total shock right LOL! We pull out like top speed and these creepy fish-face things are coming up the rocky clump at us, but hey legit targets so bam! I open up with the Beretta and Cliff lets rip with the shotgun, a couple other guys are shooting too, sick! As per usual Hitch is yelling at them why are you attacking us right and Dan is hysterical he tries to zap them with his Taser, misses, starts trying to recharge!
The weirdest thing is once we put a couple down they pay Hitch mind, this one old black-bearded guy comes out to translate for the Deep Ones which is what these fishies turned out to be. They totally act like they own the island which l8r Jack tells us they do thanks for the heads-up dude and these other human guys have come over from somewhere to kill three humans which is what got buried in the ground there. We get our forensic gloves on and do a bit of poking around to make sure they are right, so like then we need like body-bags and shovels and shit so have to head home.

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