Hitch’s Journal: Spring Update

13 April 2009
Last night’s patrol was a bit dull, bit like the last few months. The Nexii readings are still too high, and the campus has been working well with the Carpathian Friendly Society on vampire duty, but still nothing so puzzling as the events in Chicago leading up to Christmas. Looking back over the busy months leading into Winter, obvious loose ends remain.

Before Christmas, the Chicago Campus had a number of victories. We ran to ground an occultist who murdered through the use of vengeance-fuelled flaming-undead. We detected a sinister plot in a city lab, Vitae.com, which threatened to explode the levels of vampires in the Chicago area. We also routed an infesting band of psychotic Gremlins with laughs like sadistic hyenas from a respectable bowling alley.

However, gaps in our knowledge remained.

  • Gerry Slater, the occultist who created the fiery vengeance zombies, was in contact online with individuals who used names that were a variant on ‘Overlord’. The only individual who could know more about these individuals, Bardi Farahani, is a powerful genie, who up to this point has not made contact with the party beyond a postcard, and nobody is really in a hurry to meet again.
  • Vitae.com Ltd remains a mystery. Although the Chicago team pulled out an encrypted file of the research undertaken by this lab, all we can say about it is there was something uncanny going on in the operation. We suspect it is something related to the purposeful creation of common vampires, an action that in itself which defies logic. Full investigation of this case was interrupted by multiple deaths of interested parties. The US government’s own uncanny investigative branch, the G, killed some, but it is likely that others were killed by interested parties to limit the trail.
  • Key facts that were derived from this case are that: a highly technical report was taken by the team, and passed on into the academy for interpretation. Vitae.com Ltd was associated with the legal firm Wolfgram & Hearst, a notoriously capable, and morally dubious, legal firm. Wolfgang & Hearst used the services of Eagle Auto to find deniable underworld muscle, the Francesco brothers, Lorenzo and Dominic. Lorenzo and Dominic both died an unusual death: their beheaded bodies were found floating in the lake. Olly Francesco, the younger brother of Lorenzo and Dominic remains missing. Teresa (Tessa) Frost, a former associate of Paul’s, was involved, quite probably to her evil eyeballs. This ridiculously attractive blonde may be the same individual as the fleeting woman who probably summoned a pack of hell hounds to keep the team occupied as she left the Lab. Frost could have also been the blonde woman who ensorcelled Cliff (side note: mind control is a Hagen family trait), although identification was very poor. She is most definitely trouble whoever she is.

    Around the time of the end of this case, an unidentified online personality “Doris” made contact with the group, and taunted the team with news that Jack is unwell, and required a great deal of medical attention.

    Other matters.

    Further complicating our lives are the following neutral individuals and organisations. Or at least individuals and organisations that haven’t tried to kill us yet.

    Det. Joe Green runs the Chicago PD’s unloved and barely funded uncanny response unit – Unit 14. Green is an unpleasantly gruff individual. Another, more sociable, individual in the team is Det. Quentin North. They seem to have co-opted Mary the medical examiner onto their mission.

    The Olympians of the Chicago area are led by the Hagen family, a magically inclined dynasty with a talent for mind control who took control of Chicago in the early 70s, following the multiple unexplained fatal incidents that pushed their rivals, the Bianchi family, to extinction.

    The Chicago area has a small team of Academy-affiliated vampire-hunters: the Carpathian Friendly Society.

    The team has succeeded in gaining the Academy’s governing body’s confidence to the point that stipends have been increased to a thousand dollars a month.

    Finally, and probably most importantly: readings from the Nexii in the Chicago area are running on a consistently higher average level than at any other time over the last 35 years.

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