At St. Mary’s: May 09

We got IDs on the bodies pretty quick, so I guess Unit 14 has got us covered there or maybe Mary is still sweet on Steely Dan LOL. We kinda got assigned different bodies to check on, since this one chick Rachel Morris was a student on UC campus I was totally there for that one and Hitch was up for it too only like we got this caps-urgent SMS from Dan about this cyber-fiend Doris he and Paul had been checking on. We totally race Cliff over to St Marys which is like this big-ass old hospital Dan works at and he tells us Paul has found some blah blah weird shit back in the IT storage rooms. I try some undercover 101 but dont get by security so then we get our stories together and all five of us head down behind the storage rooms where theres these corridors frickin gremlins have got rigged. We pull back, shut down our electronics, head in again, kick gremlin butt, make it through to this super-villain lab where this evil genius computer is like trash-talkin us like really mouthing off so zap! I shove the stun-gun up against this one likely-lookin port. I dont get how Hitch and Paul worked out that the computer was a demon and the demon was Doris and was set free by attackin the computer but hey, Doris has left the building and we are totally back on the trail!


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