Hitch’s Journal: Man Down

2 May 2009

We all knew it was a trap when we went in. But the big kid needed us.

Caleb was 12 hours overdue calling in. That isn’t unusual for Caleb. What is unusual is that neither his mum nor girlfriend knew where he was. Caleb had been out following up a lead around North Chicago building sites, and it looks like the lead found him. We alerted Unit 14 to the situation, as well as Jack and Boston. Then we started searching for Caleb using the dashboard Hula Girl. Eventually we narrowed in on a deserted building near the Yards in South Chicago. Turns out, there was only one way in. The unlocked door.

We knew we were expected, but we didn’t realise by how many. Hellhounds just like at the Vitae Lab. A tripwire frag grenade. Hostiles with SMGs and nightvision goggles. Some kind of spell-caster. And, of course, the damned door locked behind us. We couldn’t run if we wanted to.

Now Dan is saying Hula Girl stopped: I think someone just executed Caleb.
F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck!


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