Hitch’s Journal: McGinty’s

2 May 2009

An almost normal day. Further lead checking. And then to McGinty’s: where nobody wants to know your name.

After the hospital we divided leads and headed for bed. The following day Cliff and Sandi went to get more information on Phillip Howard. I did the same over the records at the newspaper. Dan, having done 24 hours straight following the power-outage at the hospital, went home to bed.

Paul said he was doing some research on destroying elemental sprites, as Doris has proven a killer. He could be right. I did a bit of research on how binding spells work, without getting any more real insight out of Jack’s library. Then Sandi SMS’d that they had hit the pub already. Packing my new Glock, I headed over. Everyone was at a bar called McGinty’s. Except Paul, who can spot a dive when its name appears on his PDA.

In the end of the night, we had learnt some stories about Prof. Howard the archaeologist, antiquarian and paleolinguist. His last ‘dig’ was in Iraq in 1998. Though generally reputed a fine lecturer, he has a secret temper, and had made Rachael Morris cry. On one occasion he had been found talking vigorously while apparently alone in the room. (Maybe he has a summoned spirit, or a familiar?) He has two remaining aides, Adele Williams and Alistair Jamieson. We met both there at the pub. More unusually, I got a date, with Adele Williams as it turns out.* It started at McGinty’s with me investigating Rachel Morris, but it ended up not too far away at an Italian bistro. Signs are good: she didn’t laugh too much at the car, I confessed I was a journalist chasing a story about Rachel, and we are meeting up tomorrow.

*Could be the accent?

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