Hitch’s Journal: NX63’s old flame

Saturday 25 April 2009

NX63 threw a mystical shitstorm in our faces tonight, which, linked to information gathered by Paul’s online research, has left the Chicago Campus with less choice than a Welsh Fish and Chip shop.

Turns out, no one knows what motivates the Deep Ones, and this is the first instance we know of the Deep Ones being in the Great Lakes, but there is a real possibility that the creatures have access to immense power from ancient times. So immense a power that during WWII the Americans and the British concluded a secret agreement with the Deep Ones, which has been honoured, as far as we can tell, until the present. DARMA also indicates that the Deep Ones will respect deals.

A different line of research indicates that the three shallow graves on Third Fish Island are linked to a powerful ritual, one conducted by three people and requiring a sacrifice of a person once a month for nine months at the Waxing Moon. The result of the ritual bestows immense power to the three people who perform it, each of whom must provide three victims that both know and trust their murders.

Worryingly, this power is already being triggered, and may have lead to a shift of reality which dragged the team on its routine check of NX63 into an undead re-enactment of a Theatre Fire from the 1930s. We cannot have unpredictable surges of uncanny power happening at random Nexus points around Chicago, and the only way we know of to avoid it is to remove the bodies from Third Fish Island, setting back the ritual.

So our choices were:

1) Do not go to Third Fish Island, and hope that things get better.
2) Go retrieve the bodies from Third Fish Island, and hope that we can negotiate our way pass the Deep Ones, accepting that we may not be able to do a proper forensic treatment to identify the victims.
3) Get the authorities involved, who would retrieve the bodies and identify the remains, but could very well upset the Deep Ones doing it.

After a long, and at times emotional, exchange, we have decided on choice 2. We’ll head out to Third Fish Island and retrieve the bodies, hoping that perhaps the Academy can find us a forensic scientist, and the Deep Ones will hear our entreaty, and not kill us. And if the Deep Ones don’t get us, by this time tomorrow the three individuals who conducted this ritual will be very upset with us. What the killers will do then we do not know, but we can guess that they aren’t amateurs.

We can also only hope that the Academy receive and read the report we have dispatched tonight with the urgency that we sent it.


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