Hitch’s Journal: when community service goes wrong

A Split-Second Supplementary, April 26

On the face of it, the situation is quite bleak. We have docked our boat at Chicago, only to come under the guns of a law enforcement agency, who are aiming down on us as if we were fish in a barrel – so to speak. And we haven’t got a moment to discuss the situation.

Inside the boat with us are our personal firearms, some of which have been recently discharged, two Ingram .45 cal machine pistols, both of which have been recently fired, neither having serial numbers, and three recently-exhumed corpses. There is circumstantial evidence, and then there is a fast trip to Joliet Prison.

The extremely good reason the Academy team comes to be travelling with all of these items is unlikely to endear us to law enforcement. In short, we got into a gun fight on Third Fish Island with a paramilitary group in black pyjamas, who fired first at anything that moved, and generally neglected the question-asking. After the black-pyjama crowd was driven off, the Deep Ones allowed us to finish the mission of retrieving the bodies of the ritual victims on the Island, thereby hopefully thwarting evil, for a bit.

So, in the plus column, at least now the Deep Ones don’t want to kill us. In the minus column, it is difficult to know if the Deep Ones could spot the difference between us and any of the other “chimps:” still, it’s nice to be liked. And it makes a good story. I wonder if my cell-mates will be interested.

The black pyjamas crowd arrived in an unmarked red helicopter, and were driven off with two seriously wounded casualties. Cliff took some photographs of the helicopter, and probably some individuals.

The three bodies retrieved from Third Fish Island are naked, and cut with three ritual wounds, and can be described as: Female, early 20s, long blonde hair; Female, early 30s, short brown hair; Male, fit, mid-late 20s, short brown hair. We have photos of these corpses, taken as they were exhumed.


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