More than one way to scale a fish

The call came through early this morning that the team was to go ahead and remove the bodies at all costs. Querulous Senior Master Theodore McElvy is your contact in Boston. He will advise further after the

Now the sun is overhead and glitters on the waters of Lake Michigan. A spring breeze tugs at your clothing as the launch Paul hired earlier in the day scoots along. You can see the three bulky body bags tugged
underneath the equipment lockers – a stark reminder of why you are all here.

Petrov is at the helm and jolly with it.* He is busy treating you all to his hearty rendition of Puccini’s ‘Nessun Dorma’**. He powers through it heedless of any complaints. As he reaches his final
‘VincerĂ²!’ the low squat island appears to rise in to view. It’s time for some final plans and then it’s action as the team attempts to negotiate the release of the bodies from the Deep Ones.

* Eva has insisted on using Petrov as he can be trusted not to talk about Academy business, and can handle himself in the case of an uncanny event.
** Nessun Dorma –

“Men and fish are alike…. they both get into trouble when they open their mouths.” – Anon

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