Our first firefight: Apr 09

FWIW my advice is to never combine freerunning gloves and surgical gloves and gravedigging LOL! I totally destroyed the surgical gloves so by the time we got down to the bodies I was like OK Eww over to you Dan! Like those bodies were truly nasty, specially the oldest one cause turns out they were killed like a month apart.

So like let me lay out the combat zone for you so this all makes sense. The rocky clump of rocks is like this limestone extrusion according to my earthscience book, that’s in the north then across south of it we have light woods on the west, a trail, scrub in the middle, another trail, and denser woods in the east. The gravesite is like a few yards inside the light woods and is about a football field’s width away from the rock slope and about the same away from the denser woods. I guess the whole thing including the far north side of the rocky clump would fit inside the tens of a football field.

The reason I mention the far north side is that’s where the red helicopter set down. So like how it went down, Dan is doing some prelim forensics and Hitch is taking pix of nasty corpses and me and Caleb are watching out for fish-faces only we don’t see any we hear this helicopter to the north. I have stripped off whats left of the surgical gloves by this time. So we shake out, and I have the Mossberg cause there are two shotguns with the team this time. I’m hiding forward in the woods, watching OMG MIB with plenty of autofire weapons as they filter over the rocks, not great cover discipline like they aren’t expecting much trouble, I’m dropping their positions to the guys but Hitch is like we should find out who they are and none of the guys is really gettin it together so I drift into the rocks and get myself ready to open up while the guys are like all talk no action which is not what dis grl likes LOL!

Cliff and Paul are hiding down in the scrub but now most MIB are around me including a sniper and some of them are already off the rocks and dropping west so I’m like you guys are gonna get flanked do I take the shot Paul cause like I figure Paul will say sure why not and he does so bam! I open up with the Mossberg, miss the sniper but he changes post real fast ROFL, so like theres a whole firefight thing cause the MIB had no idea I was right up there with them! Hitch starts up with the explain yourselves and why are you trying to attack us while Dan and Caleb are holdin off the west flank with a bat and tazer but even tho the MIB are ripping up the scene with Macs or whatever our shotguns are totally gettin the job done and a couple are put down. They pull back north and OMG they have this like bright red transport helicopter ready to evac so we push them along with a few more shots and they totally bug.

Yay team! We get the bodies into body bags, Eww again, and drag them back to the boat. Only back at Chi-town the law is like totally throwin down on us! Some of the guys are kinda edgin to hide the bodies and weapons but its like a hundred years too late for that right, so we are busted.

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