We are grilled: Apr 09

OMG that was like the worst, I’m like totally over being arrested or whatever. Plus instead of clamming up in the interrogation room I bawl my eyes out, not gonna brag dat up 2 d boyz!

Like this whole SWAT team of CPD blues arrested us all at the boat, then our weapons disappear so yay, Academy powers rule! But we still have like bodies layin around in body bags so yeah we look pretty flakey.

We sit around 4eva in some precinct cells, finally some big blue starts processing but even that takes like a day 4get those stupid TV shows where the perp gets questioned straight away! Like 2 centuries l8r its my turn and by that time I’m like way nervous. Its some detective I guess that does the questioning, a big old guy, I’m sittin there keeping silent but hes goin on about bodies and shit so I bust out crying. I really get into it howlin and sobbin so like finally he moves me along out.

So like a lot lot later this Academy-hired counsel chick bails us out, we have to present ourselves at court in like a week or whatever meanwhiles dont get ourselves arrested again!

After we all get out the boyz are all pretty quiet so maybe I am wrong thinkin Hitch and maybe Dan tried to smart-mouth their way out of trouble. I don’t see beatin marks but way sure the mouth-off would be one dumb-ass strategy!

We meet up back at TSM, Jack has left a message sayin he has ordered new weapons so even tho the Judge guy was mad at us I am totally cheered up again!


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