We Glock Up: May 09

YAYY!!! Finally the replacement weapons arrive and I’m like OMG Glock 17s, plus Jack agrees I can carry two if I want to!! I check the mags and they are full-capacity, meaning I carry more than double the Beretta loads seein as those were city-regs standard. I luv Jack he is d best!!

Cliffie and me meet at the campus. Funny thing the first thing I get to do with the Glock is stash it in Cliffie’s SUV. I figure he won’t mind me popping the door panel out. We walk to Loyola Hall which is where this Rachel Morris chick hung out. Cliffie does some of the talking hes kinda sweet trying to make nice to students and I do the rest, we meet some dudes and chicks who knew Rachel tho none of them seem to like know she is dead, we find out her professor’s name and some other background stuff, and make a date to meet up at this local bar McGintys.

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