Hitch’s Journal: A Show and a Sale

29 May 2009

Last night was an interesting night for everyone. By the following day, we had a lot to investigate, and a short timeframe.

Major incident one

Both Sandi and Cliff had visions. Sandi claims visions run in the family, but for Cliff it is a first. Sandi’s vision warned about the uniting of ‘the three’ in three days: researching this has led to the Spear of Longinus, a sacred and powerful relic that promises its wielder victory. Last seen in Germany and now possibly in Chicago, or about to be. It could be part of the three, it could be pursued by the three, not sure. More research is needed, and we have three days to stop this plot, and almost no starting point.

Coincidentallly, while we are on a German theme, Dan met the new medical examiner, Otto Heidebrucker. Could be connected, or not, could be an ally or an enemy.

Cliff’s vision was of the “Omega” Olympian sign being smeared over the wall of his flat. Elliot suggested that this could be guilt generated over that last firefight. Perhaps Elliot is right.

Major incident two

The burlesque show that Tawney is performing in was simply pulsing with magic, the room was glowing with it. The show’s director, Asher Loxley, is fascinated with death illusions, life and death themes, and is a smarmy know-all pretty-boy with unusual powers of influence over women to boot.

To make the show seem even worse, along with some of Illinois’ good and great, Tessa Frost got to the show and afterparty. Yes, Tessa Frost, Chicago’s own barometer of the Dark Side, spent some of her valuable time at this show in the company of a remarkably short but powerfully built man. Tessa Frost’s presence can be seen as reason to investigate almost in itself.

Direct investigations into the theatre after the production were largely stymied by a remarkably capable watchman. During her brief patrol in the theatre, Sandi reported a sense of ‘something creepy’ being in the dressing room, and it appeared that the creepy thing was getting more active the longer Sandi stayed there.

These two incidents may not be connected, but both warrant investigation.

So the investigations have been divided up into two unequal teams:

Follow the Spear: Sandi is going to contact Unit 14 with the Longinus spear info (might get them to background check Loxley too?), Cliff and Dan are going to hit the Blue Moon to talk to Bernie Cruthers about what sort of big players and buyers have come into town which may be interested in the spear, Paul is going to be floating support while researching.

Investigating the theatre: I am to investigate the burlesque show through Tawney (arrange to meet for coffee this afternoon) and doing the journalist thing to get behind the scenes in the theatre.

We need to keep in contact so that we can reinforce each other, particularly for me, because I’m all on my lonesome.


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