Hitch’s Journal: After the Funeral

8 May 2009

A loup-garou, now that’s something you don’t see every day.

Jack’s funeral began as expected, and although Ms Verde did not turn up, Mr Elliot and Mr Richmond both paid their respects. The curious collection of people on the other side of the chapel from the campus staff proved to be largely Canadians.

Afterwards I noticed the Judge we had met on one of our early escapades, Judge Reynolds, was staring fixedly at the Canadian who had introduced himself as another Deverick. Cliff was more concerned with the visitors’ car, Sandi was rather enjoying a sniffle with Eva so it became difficult for me to organise any response.

Reynolds opened up with what was either a sermon promising hellfire or more likely a powerful incantation. The Canadian friend of Deverick transformed into a gigantic wolf-man, much larger than what I had gathered a werewolf may be. Dan calmed us with a powerful prayer, clearly his faith progresses, and Paul laid down a protective charm, though I suspect only for himself. By the time Sandi had joined us, and I swear her hand was hovering over a Glock tucked in her handbag, the stoush was over and the loup-garou had calmed down and been bundled away in the visitors’ car.

Given Reynolds’ deliberately antagonistic and disgraceful behaviour at Jack’s funeral, it is safe to say Mr Reynolds of the Judges is going to push against the Academy with all his might. And I’ve stared into his eyes, he is mighty.


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