Hitch’s Journal: In Defense of the Indefensible

15 May 2009

Okay, sometimes this job makes you work against your instincts. And that is what I’m doing now.

I’m pinned under Cliff’s car by automatic fire, shooting at Hell Hounds, Cliff is out there going toe to toe with monsters, all sorts of fire-magic has hit Sandi, Paul and Dan, along with some kind of giant, winged stone monster. And did I mention the two moons? Yeah, two moons, we are on another world with getting hammered by the fatally freaky. And why?

Because we have to get two megalomaniacal murderers safely to prison, and their former colleague or colleagues want to stop us.

Chung and Howard: I admit I don’t like them: none of us like them. Their actions had consequences, which we now have to protect them from. It’s our job. Quite frankly, those two are not morally worth the panel damage they have incurred to Cliff’s car. That the prison van driver Mickey is lying somewhere out there, presumed dead, makes me bitter. I rate him another one of their victims.

Still, no Wolfgang & Hearst laundry team is going to stop me doing my job. Chung and Howard are going to prison. We have just weathered the first wave of attacks. The laundry team’s plan A hasn’t worked, plan B looks adhoc.

Time to get busy.


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