Hitch’s Journal: Picking up the Leads Again

4 May 2009

We still have a job to do. Our existing leads are Prof. Phillip Howard, Caleb’s building-site job, and (as yet untried) Vivian Plant’s temp agency. The Professor seems the best lead, and Sandi and I have a plan. On the other hand the building site has been linked to Hagen interests, and the hit-squad in LightForce holding Caleb were surely a Wolfgang & Hearst “laundry team.”

Investigate Phillip Howard
We have an address, and looking at the academic schedule Phillip Howard should be busy at university all day. Lectures are spaced between 10-5pm. Therefore, we are go any time from 9.30, but could work around an infiltration at 11 so people can turn up during a long lunch break. Stay a while, do a thorough job. We will need Sandi to do the entry and physical search, I’ll do second-search, Paul will go over any computers or laptops we find, Cliff will be physical back up and it would be nice to have Dan nearby for back-up too, in case his medical skills are needed.

It could be possible to have a first team inside, and others in Cliff’s car in reserve. If there is trouble, we bug out. Paul doesn’t bring the Aston-Martin, as it will stand out, enormously.

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