Hitch’s Journal: the Flapjacks and the Fear

31 May 2009

Some good news, some bad news
We have blunted one of the buyers, and got a possible identification on one of the mysterious other buyers, and saved some lives. Why doesn’t that seem like good news? Well, at least we got breakfast courtesy of Eva.

It was a busy night last night. Working with Unit 14, as “Unit 52”, we managed to run down and take out two Knife Fiends, infernal outsiders, who were killing people as a form of recreation. Unfortunately, four people were down before we caught up with them, yet we saved four. What we have inferred from this is that buyer number two is an infernal called Lord Belizar, last seen in Paris during the first Republic raising hell. So he will not be happy with us, but he has no key goons for the moment.

Unfortunately, it was not all good news. During the night we were jumped by Vulgarus Vampires who had evolved to tool using. In our case, swords.
Eva and the Carpathians also had a hard night: in a different part of town they ran into difficulties with Vulgarii that had devised stratagems and traps beyond the normal level of opportunistic bait, or tins on a string.

Simeon Rieker, Mr Aryan Personality Oregon 2009, caught up to us, and tried to extort information out of us. We didn’t play: simply didn’t trust him enough. During his posturing, Rieker did drop a hint that an individual has entered Chicago, an individual whose mere presence can improve the mental capabilities of Vulgarus Vampires. A big league uncanny with connections to the Undead. Of course, Rieker could be lying, but it is in his interest to have us run an effective interference on this sale.

About this point, Tim Tang’s reinforcements staggered in, woefully depleted after being ambushed by Belizar, who then “left town” as far as they can guess. Belizar could come back later, or maybe he didn’t leave.

We need a plan, and we don’t have long for it to work either.

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