Hitch’s Journal: the report for Elliot

The Written Report: What is in, what is out.

Third Fish Island: Everything included, including the deal with the Deep Ones.

Doris: Everything included, except that I will cover Doris flipping the switch with ‘Having penetrated her inner sanctum, Doris was clearly on edge fearing for her life, and the team was not able to allay her fears. So inevitably, she fled, cutting power to the hospital.’ In that description, there is no mention of Sandi tasering computers.

Caleb’s kidnapping: I will emphasis that Caleb thought investigating building sites by himself would attract less suspicion, and that it hasn’t been unusual for Caleb to fall out of communication with the group.

Caleb’s rescue: Mention the Wolfgang & Hearst laundry team. Discuss the possibility of an unusual power surge in the building, and note the team had not deployed monitoring equipment so no hard data. Also mention the burnt-hand-marked victim in the basement – along with speculation on what may have caused it.

Not mentioned in the report, indeed I have told nobody about this: an Outsider was summoned; Jack’s closed-casket funeral; Eva’s possible involvement with Jack’s last wishes.


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