Hitch’s Journal: Two Down

3 May 2009

Caleb has been rescued, and he has also come to a mature decision about his life. He is out of the Academy. He has picked the path of a normal life, a good life. If we had any sense, we would all get sane and join him.

Jack died last night, possibly while we were on mission to rescue Caleb. Now, something odder than usual happened during that job.

Some sort of power hit the building, and our foes were negatively affected. More unusual, we were tracking Caleb with the magical Hula Girl linked to Caleb’s Academy Shield: she stopped dancing, but then, after a pause, started shimmying again. So the signal from Caleb’s shield disappeared for a moment. Caleb claimed to Dan that time stopped. Who knows what actually happened.

Our foes were highly motivated, disinterested in their own survival, and yet they fled. We found Caleb in a basement, tied to a chair, battered and heavy shock. In the room with him was a corpse killed by the blow of a burning hand to the neck. Caleb hasn’t been able to make a useful report on what he saw, if anything.

With Unit 14’s cooperation we avoided too much police attention. As for the follow-up police investigation: North gathered eyewitness accounts of an armed figure (perhaps female) crossing from an adjacent building and positioned themselves at the door of the abandoned LightForce building, and then change tack to drive off in the red vehicle on the street. The eyewitness also swears that they saw the passenger door open and close by itself.

Inside the building he heard no noises, and in the basement found a single 9mm bullet. He is mystified as to where the remaining two perps went to. They’re still trying to identify the dead.

Caleb went to hospital; we went to TSM, where we received a phone call from Boston from an impolite man, freaking out about a magical power spike in Chicago. It seems that while we were rescuing Caleb there was a magical discharge so potent it got those Bean Town boys to look up from the Red Sox game and shout at us instead of the New York Yankees.

Later that night, Eva told us Jack was dead, and she was handling the arrangements.

So, Jack’s funeral is on Friday. Caleb is not coming back, and Boston is sending out a Mr Elliot as a replacement. Maybe he will want to shout at us at close range. Tomorrow evening 6pm is our first meeting.

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