Infil: May 09

I kinda luv infil work like its not so out-there crazy as blasting thru that lazer-tag place dodgin bullets but like the more you put in the more you get out as poppa Mils told me. He taught me what I know about infil work and the best number 1 rule is people see what they expect to see. So like on d 1st run at Prof Howards place I fix my hair back, get a clipboard and ruled paper and pen, put on Ronni’s blue plaid suit-top and go door 2 door down d block doin a survey. So like I get to know that the Prof is out daytime and has pigeons in back. So I think about what kinda job gives me access to the back of a house where there are pigeons, and do some research, and come up with a pest control job. I download some pages where I can photoshop designs off on Uhleesha’s laptop.

Before work I am round at Agarpay doing the deliveries per usual and talk to my girl Chilli whose there cause her boyfriend Bray hit her again about some help with artwork and shes like my boy Delasq is totally into art and clothes so sure enough her little guy is like totally into dress design and whatever so I make a dress-ups date with him for after work. Right after work finishes I zap round to Home Depot and Effie 2Much helps me find the right kinda stencil shit and coverall, then I zap back to the shelter where me and Delasq make a uniform and auto-sign for like LOL! Finally like totally early morning shift I make up a fake pest control ID to go inside my real fake license from the Academy.

Hitch is a sweetie about sticking the sign on his old wagon, so thats our ride while Cliff drives the backups in his SUV. Its Monday in the am and I have had 3 hours sleep, I use Ronni’s makeup for dark skin and tuck my hair right up under my cap and with the coverall over my combat blacks I look totally different.

The lock-work is like way harder than poppa Mils makes it look, I should totally buy a lock gun and store it in Cliffie’s toolbox. Finally it opens and I do first-search, Hitch is doing second-search. Second-search is like way important cause first-search is only there to find major issues and items of interest like ticking bombs and hostages LOL! Most important thing I found was a creepy little statue thingy, dint touch it cause Eww creepy! But like its Steely Dan who finds the dead doves once we are done, he is best searcher of the whole team.

Hitch says the doves and maybe statue are part of an evil ritual so Prof Howard is totally tied into the killing on 3rd fish, I’m hoping Mr Elliot will like give us a warrant to take the prof out. We gotta meet this Mr Elliot from Boston this same evening, I gotta get myself cleaned up or who know what he will think LOL!

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