Hitch’s Journal: an early morning bite

1 June 2009

Well, it wasn’t really a surprise to anyone that Charlie isn’t human, and Bernie is probably half rat.

Bernie ‘ratted out’ his brother’s location to us, and following a scramble at the Holiday Inn, we managed to capture Charlie. We are now holding Charlie in NX63 (“Old Faithful”) under the eye of Judge Tobin, and it is time to get the location of the Spear out of the Australian rodent. Now, we will be able to make process on stopping the auction. I just hope Charlie’s bite hasn’t given me Lycanthropy.

More of a surprise is that Cliff and Sandi’s infiltration of Tessa Frost’s apartment revealed that ‘Blonde-and-Bad’ was meeting with Web, whose agency she could be representing, which may mean Wolfgang & Hearst is representing the G. This is a worry. Boston has been paying more attention to Chicago for the last day or so, and Lord Balizar has not been picked up by the Bean Town boys’ scrying. They claim he is out of the frame now. That just leaves the G, and the third player that Bernie did not want to discuss.

Not to mention the self-appointed savior of the Spear, Herr Simeon Rieker, the Obersturmfurher Todesmagier* of the North West. There is a question whether Rieker will be able to catch up, as his tactics seems to be to follow us. Also Herr Rieker has been forced to go cheap: today all he could muster in an attack on Dan were skeletons, which Dan dusted.

These players will not react well to our actions when they realise that the auction is off, probably they will not give up their pursuit of the Spear. We may have to be ready to stand of them off: with words if possible – hacking and capping if must. The Academy has already lost two people over this, we can’t take chances.

On the matter of Vulgarus Vampires joining Mensa: I tried to contact Dr Redmond in Montana – the last man to believe that the higher vampire still walks the earth. Redmond was murdered three months ago. Decapitated, down by a lake. Depressingly similar to the last two decapitations I saw, the Scardino brothers bobbing out of Lake Michigan. That was a Fed case, I wonder how much information about a Montana murder Unit 14 can pull in. Redmond’s daughter has agreed to let me FedEx Redmond’s notes to TSM, but if Dr Redmond was put down because of something he noted, I better hope I don’t get tracked down.

*Senior Storm Leader Necromancer


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