Hitch’s Journal: Calacca bites back

28 March 2010

The raid on the stash house provided some information, but not the results we wanted.

Having tracked the supply of Dreamtime back to a dealer called Calacca, we tracked Calacca back to a stash house. We managed to get through the rear door of the stash house after overwhelming the kid on guard, but by that time the people inside they were ready for us. Two of them were ready to open up on us, one with a MAC10.

As for operational results: we were hoping to pin Calacca, but he escaped us. We did discover Calacca isn’t human – not even close. He can form into a multifaced mist with a core of some sort of acid: and for mist, Calacca packs a punch. It appears he can fight with uncanny abilities, as well as his teeth, and savage claws. ‘Least I think he has claws. It could have been ginsu knives that carved up my leather jacket for all I saw. It also seems as if Calacca can teleport, because when he chose to Calacca simply vanished and apparently reappeared upstairs. He grabbed his stash of Dreamtime and left his minions to take whatever heat we could bring down on them. In the time we had before the police rolled, Dan interrrogated the three minions, while the rest of us searched the house. The search turned up little of interest, but Dan got results.

Calacca’s associates claimed they don’t know he is a monster, but one associate knew that Calacca’s lab is on 59th Street. This proved to be a warehouse with an excellent surveillance system, cameras front, back and on the roof. The cameras made it problematic for Sandi to get in close to check other security. We need to take a moment and get a new plan, which is probably what Elliot is going to tell us at the meeting this afternoon.

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