Hitch’s Journal: Relatively Instant Karma

28 March 2010

I told Adele I was off to do some ‘community work’ as I slipped out of the flat at 5am. What I didn’t say is that the ‘community work’ is knocking over a stash house on Saint Louis Ave, looking for the Dreamtime.

Thursday night, at Nexus 59 ‘Carter’s demise’ over at the Chicago Lawn area, we found the Nexus apparently feeding off a dying junkie, one Rolando G. That is unusual for two reasons: first, Nexus 59 has been quiet as the grave since the Sears’ tower went up in 1973; second, to tap a nexus’ power, there needs to be some conduit, usually a ritual. So how was Rolando affecting the Nexus?

Dan and Sandi moved quick. The good Doctor brought Rolando back, and then the paramedics were called. Our investigations in the area gathered up a lot of nothing. No witnesses to a ritual taking place in the area, no evidence of a ritual at the scene. The clearest link to the ritual was provided by Rolando and the remains of his drug cap.

Rolando, once he came round, said that his supplier’s name was ‘Calacca’, which is Mexican for skinny, and the drug involved is called Dreamtime – which has some fairly heavy hallucinary effects. The toxicology on Dreamtime proved it to be heroin with something extra – magical extra. Dreamtime has a lingering magical aura. So the dope was organised for a purpose. In this case, it appears that the drug itself is the conduit to tap the Nexus’ power. Perhaps there is a ritual elsewhere being performed, but the only evidence for this that Rolando hallucinated someone watching him, or did he? Maybe someone really was watching him. Or something.

So, who organised the Dreamtime and held the ritual, and what the nexus was being stoked up for, is still a mystery.

We fixed on Calacca as our next lead. Identified a likely individual, and tracked him back to his stash house, presumably where Dreamtime is mixed or stored. Sandi scouted the house for possible entrances, and the rear door looks the best option. So we are busting into the joint this morning, then we’ll ask questions. Unless things go bad.

Day three of being back on patrol, and we are already about to rock the Casbah. That’s the Big City for you.

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