Hitch’s Journal: the Cubs could have won…

1 June 2009

A zone of truth is a great way to find stuff out. We got the location of the spear, the time of the auction, the possibilities of danger off Charlie.

Turns out the Spear was buried in Wrigley Field, right under the pitcher’s mound. Now, if we had left the Spear there the Cubs could have won the next World Series. But we did dig it up, and the curse continues.

We were ambushed by Rieker at Wrigley Field, supported by a woman, who could have been the human form of the wolf that accompanies him, and roughly over a dozen undead. We drove them off, and returned the Spear to TSM. Tonight, we escort it O’Hare and it flies out. We do expect to be challenged at that point, either by a Wolfgang & Hearst laundry team, a G hit squad, or Bidder Three. But the end of this mission is in sight.

What worries me is the loose ends that have turned up during today, not directly connected to the current mission. One of the key loose ends is that Charlie was unable to say anything about Bidder Three, owing to some form of supernatural compulsion. This was odd as Charlie likes the sound of his own nasal whine, it appears to have been his chief joy in life. The fact he couldn’t speak about this matter seemed a source of bewilderment to him. So while we head to the airport we will need to keep any eye open for trouble!

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