The Rising Dead

It’s afternoon and night is fast approaching. The team is readying to transport the ‘Spear of Longinus’ to a small plane flying out from O’Hare Airport.

The files of the late Dr Redmond arrived from Montana an hour ago, Hitch opened the boxes and started sorting the folders. Noticing that many files seem to be missing, including the entire J section, Hitch mutters and begins reworking through the papers. A photo slips out of the files on to the floor.

The photo itself is blurred, but the image of a young Asian man in his twenties lounging in a bar can be made out: the back reads ‘Jirou (US Enforcer), NYC, 1984’. The man’s hair is slicked back and he is wearing an white Armani jacket with a black t-shirt underneath. There is an easy air about him, and yet some might feel an uncharacteristic quiet menace in one so young.

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