We fact-find: May 09

OK so like we still plan to find buyers and stop them cause thats our best shot at stoppin the spear from being sold. After Tim Tang and Rose came a’smokin’ in we were pretty sure Belizar thats that one fiend who ran the sword-fiends we offed in the park was pullin out and like not long after that Boston gets on the wire and tells Elliot yeah Belizar is outa there, that leaves two.

Like Hitch is all worried about smart vampires but I’m like who cares how smart they are lets just kill them like the only reason they tagged me was we were hunting fiends not vamps so I had like one ear free. But anyhow Hitch is like pullin in hours getting stuff fedexed from Montana about smart vamps, Dan is gonna talk to that one Judge Tobin whose like this nice judge whose into hawaian shirts and cause he hates driving Rose agrees to drive. Shes a totally ace driver and shooter too, her hair is like natural auburn. Me and Cliffie are gonna go back over our contacts specially Bernie if we can find him cause he was probly holdin out on us first time around. Paul is setting up comms stuff so we all stay in touch.

Dan finds out that this old RV full of undead is stalking him and burns down like a bunch of them when he goes talking to the Judge. Wish Ida been there it sounds sick! Tobin wasnt any help, it seems like each time we go talk to someone like holy or whatever they tell us to find the damn spear thingy on our own.

What Cliffie and me ended up doing was helping Hitch doing infil on Tessa’s apartment, which is like in this cool gated block out on Lakeside. Security wasnt buying my cover so Hitch like totally turns me invisible so I sneak in pop the apartment open and Paul talks me thru some hardware to like suck data outa her laptop. Plus I find a note, OMG how easy is that, from Web it looks like so I figure the G is who Tessa is repping for at the sale. I dont say much bout dat cause if we do take out Tessa it wont matter who she repping.
Finally Bernie does come thru I guess he heard we like want to find him and Hitch promises him more money so he totally rats out his bro Charlie and we tool up!

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