Hyboria! Celo’s Yarn – Episode 1

I arrived in a town in south-west Aquilonia with my current traveling friends, Vorel and Morath as part of a trader’s caravan. Vorel seems alright, an archer from Bossonia and we get on just fine. Morath is somewhat southern looking I suppose, with that wariness you get when you know someone is out to get you although he hides it. I think he’s probably danced around the law a bit too.

I can’t honestly remember the name of this little town, it’s a lot like many others I suppose. Nothing particularly remarkable but the place does look reasonably sturdy so I’d expect that things could get interesting from time-to-time.

The inn is alright, containing the usual mixed bunch of visitors like ourselves. Not sure what we’re going to do for some coin at the moment but it really doesn’t seem to last down this way.

There seems to be a noble in town with a few guards with whispers about him mediating for some local dispute. Might be something to investigate.


Well, we didn’t have to wait long for something to happen and none of us caused it either. The cry went up that the Picts were attacking, which got the attention of everyone in the common room at the time, including us. The various guards were quick out the door and looking for action.

Meanwhile, there was a quick dash up to our room to grab the larger weapons, where I bumped into a Cimmerian looking for some action. He seemed friendly enough as we jostled down the corridor to pick up our tools. Things could get very interesting indeed, now I’m looking forward to it.

So, to cut the story down a bit, we exited the inn, saw a few huts and things on fire, locals and Picts running about. Vorel, Morath and I snuck about a bit and took a few shots at Picts, despite a few more tempting targets, but weren’t too effective other than convincing them to leave. Not a bad thing. I think they’re just a little bit too cautious since there seemed to be plenty of local backup around.

The semi-naked Cimmerian had been playing with Picts at the south gate and even an axe to the neck didn’t stop him. We heard him across town, quite unmistakable even with the noise of fighting and fires burning. No need to search for adventure, I think I’ll just need to follow this chap instead.

After the Picts were run off, the Cimmerian’s friend, a scholarly type named Ed-something, raised another alarm. Picts in the inn attacking the noble! The scholar did get the noble’s guards to return to the inn but it was far too late by then.

After killing the noble, the Picts hustled off with the inn keeper’s serving staff so we’ve ended up with the job of finding them and returning them. With us are the Cimmerian, Bardic by name, the scholar whose name escapes me but I’ll remember it eventually, and also a fighter who arrived in town just as the fun was starting to wind up.

He’d provided a few clues that led us to believe that the Picts had exited the north gate and gone to ground in the nearby woods.


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