Hyboria! Celo’s Yarn – Episode 4

We had an evening to kill, Bardic ducked off, after flashing coin at a suitable wench I suspect. Probably his last silver too. He was certainly a bit more relaxed later on.

There were other people staying with the Mitran monks, some merchants and travelers. Nothing too unusual except for one of the merchants that Morath pointed out. He was not really a merchant and had some interest in where we’d come from. A spy for another faction or something of the sort.

The next morning we went back to the keep and met the Lady of Dimas. Apparently she had heard of our rescue mission and had a job in mind. It turns out that she is a widow and in a bit of a precarious situation. The gossip that we’d heard about the tensions between the nobles of the area do seem to confirm this.

At any rate, it cuts down to her being very indiscreet before marrying and there is a bastard son lurking about, now to be used as a pawn by her rivals to remove her from power. Our role in all this is to rescue him. Our only contact is her factor going by the name of Ya Pasha, in the nearby charter town.

Well, we did agree to to the job and no sooner than the meeting was over, we were pounced on by the steward to arrange some details, like payment. When he mentioned 5 shares I realised that they thought Vorel was a hired guide and not a full member of our group. I mentioned it and it was sorted that out fairly quickly. He did agree to 6 shares at the original amount.

Morath and Edric’s reading of the offer was that the Lady was genuine but did not have much hope for the success of our mission. The steward could not add much to explain why. I really should have asked if dead would do as a last resort.

We did suddenly have jingling money pouches so it was time to get a few things. I got myself some daggers suitable for throwing and a nice hide cap to be worn when things get exciting. The others got themselves various bits and pieces.

The trip to the charter town was quite quick, it was not far away. Nothing happened on the way. The place does have quite a few guards with a we-know-what-we-are-doing air about them.

The place it self was nothing unusual, Bardic and Verus were almost lured off to an inn with “entertainment” but Edric stopped that. Staying at a better inn along the main road was far more sensible, especially since we were supposed to be mercenaries with some coin looking for the next job.

I had decided to snoop around and find out where Ya Pasha lived, Vorel and Morath tagged along to help. We had heard that he was somewhere in the middle of town, near grain merchants or thereabouts. After asking a few questions we closed in on the place, with the rest of the group arriving not long thereafter. They had managed to get directions of their own from various sources.

Edric and Morath met with Ya Pasha while the rest of us returned to the inn for dinner. We’d found out from the stares that strolling around town with weapons is not the normal thing, even here. Odd that the guards didn’t mention it, oh well.

Over dinner, Bardic and Verus planned a night sampling the best women in town, as mercenaries with coin would do. They assured me that it was to keep up the cover. I was thinking of tailing them to see if there was any interest in what they were doing.

While we were eating Edric returned, Morath a little later after checking a few things out around the factor’s home.

After getting together in our rooms to catch up, Edric covered the meeting with Ya Pasha. The factor thought that things were centered around the folks from Kova and a good way to get more info would be to ply their servants for info without being too obvious.

With that in mind the main group headed over to the wine-gate area of town where servants from Kova’s house would relax and entertain themselves since it was about the right time for that sort of fact-finding. Morath and I shadowed them, keeping an eye out for anyone following them, or us.


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