Tuesday Teaser: Sshh!


Edric, Bardic, Alleto and Vorel slipped through the donjon portal as quietly as they could – which is to say, with a certain amount of clatter and scraping. Morath winced and hissed:

“By Iacchus, demon of screaming chaos, could you be any louder!?”

“Your pardon, Morath, we are not all masters of the dark,” Edric replied.

“Shut the door – quietly! – and we’ll light up a lantern, then you can see what you are doing. In the meantime, don’t move. Or breathe.”

Vorel eased the door shut. Far at the back of the vaulted chamber, a taper glowed, then a lantern. Celo raised and brought it forward, away from the two bodies lying in a pool of dark blood amid the shelves, through racks of weapons and sheaves of arrows, to the counter-top near the stairwell.

“That’ll be far enough,” he breathed. “You can get yourselves organized here – there’s nothing to bump into.”

Bardic’s instinct was to stop and plunder the armory, but common-sense prompted him to murmur:

“Aye, get ready all – carry only what is most needed and quiet. And remember – we may not be back this way and we may be leaving at the run.”

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4 Responses to Tuesday Teaser: Sshh!

  1. The Dwarf says:

    I’m reminded of a line used by a minor character (whose name I can even remember, GOD I’m such a geek, it was Senator Bercol) to describe Servalan in “Blake’s Seven”:

    “All the subtle delicacy of a plasma bolt”

  2. Shaun says:

    I always thought the Chain Shirt was quite slimming…

  3. Bardic: Chain shirt, Check penalty 3.
    Alleto: Masterwork reinforced Hide plus Targe, Check penalty 3.
    Quite apart from all the bits and bobs you are packing between you.

  4. Shaun says:

    “By Iacchus, demon of screaming chaos, could you be any louder!?”

    Hey, don’t look at Bardic – Move Silent 9, quite panther-like really.

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