Tuesday Teaser: Liquid Logic

Thus far, water had ever been near and the geldings had lacked not. But owing perhaps to the same upheaval that had so sunk this mysterious, tree-shrouded valley, not a trace of water off the surrounding peaks fed it.

“It’s not far back to the last trickle we passed: I could hear it off to the north as we back-trailed Vivo a little,” Bardic mused.

“We could just plunge in: how hard can it be to find water in a valley, by Zath!” Morath exclaimed.

“Forests can be tricky: sometimes streams can only be found in steep ravines, or masked by roots so that you never find them,” Celo commented.

A pause ensued while the rest of the party tried to adjust to what sounded a lot like a wood-wise comment from Celo.

“As for us, let’s see:” – here Edric patrolled around the horses, counting wineskins – “six days travelled, seven gallons gone. Oh – we donated a gallon to the Westfarers hostel. And half our seventh day’s ration gone. But we stayed most of a day at Crow Castle, so we have actually drunk more than I would have expected. Especially as I don’t start my day” – here he broke off to look about at the others – “with a pint of wine.”

“It’s thirsty work, this cooking.”

“Good for the teeth: everyone knows that.”

“A pint gargled before breakfast aids the digestion.”

“Purely medicinal.”

“It’s for my horse, not me.”


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