Tuesday Teaser: Inquest

Pras Rooduir was gone, and none could say whether the madness that had taken him away would last. Sir Anled, with Sagitus to advise him, sat in brief inquest upon the death.

“My information is that during the meal’s preparation one of my servants, unwitting and unwise but otherwise blameless, explained to Pras Rooduir which dishes would be served to Vivo alone. Pras, an expert apothecary, had already extracted upas-tree sap – as I understand it, none of you actually saw him do so but there had been many opportunities in the valley – and introduced it into each of Vivo’s dishes. He may even have done so on earlier occasions. Eventually the dosage became such that even mighty Vivo perished.

“Werhema could not have prevented this. Her vision was of blood running from Vivo’s head. Sagitus did pass this on to me, but I did not understand it to mean that Vivo was in imminent danger.

“To conclude, Sagitus will write the finding of this inquest to King Luchistheyrn – as Vivo’s barony was a royal title – and to my Graf, Semren Volan. You will carry a copy, and others I will send by independent messenger.

“May Mitra guide the King in rewarding you.”


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