Capes! In The News

Hanover “Boost Factory” Busted

 – FCPD quiet on possible involvement of FCM –

The Freedom City Police Department are downplaying the possibility of the Metapowered group ‘Feedom City Massive’ playing a significant role in this morning’s pre-dawn swoop on a major Boost production laboratory in Hanover.


300 Kilograms of processed Boost was captured, along with a sophisticated lab facility designed to produce the illegal meta-drug. A number of individuals of interest have been taken into custody, including the suspected criminal mastermind who remains, as yet, unnamed. It was confirmed that this group included individuals with metapowers.

The police department claim that this remarkable coup came from efficient following up of an earlier mass-drugging incident at the Southside nightspot Eclipse. While official police sources have confirmed that metapowered individuals were involved in the criminal conspiracy, unofficial sources from within the department have clearly stated that this was a ‘Cape Intervention’ by none other than the Freedom City Massive, the supposed Caped guardians of the City.

FCPD have released a warning that a suspect has escaped from custody. Eric Robert Olsen, described as a metapowered individual of interest to this case, escaped from the Central City Police Station and is presently at large. Olsen is described as being dangerous and not to be approached by the public…

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