Hitch’s journal: Split Second Summary 13 November 2011 – more Burke and Hare than Indiana Jones

The van isn’t starting.  The unidentified mage continues to close and cast.  Our escape plan has not worked.  We are out of time, a bit out of breath, and our options are thin.

We were just finishing off a bit of light grave-robbery in San Francisco when we came under attack from an unidentified high level mage and at least four vulgarus vampires.   The vulgarii were driven back by Dan, but once the vampires had cleared the area the concealed mage simply increased his the volume of fire*.  We have unsuccessfully attempted to disengage, with Sandi and me laying down covering fire as the rest started to move off.  We may have done some damage onto the Mage, but he remains very much on his feet and is slamming accurate area effect spells down on us.

At a guess – the mage is making a grab for the cup of St Vitellius – a powerful artefact and the key item in the events at Niegdzie nearly one hundred years ago, which we had just liberated from a coffin.  Making matters more complex, we have in our company Emelia, a descendent of Roundtree, the leader of the Niegdzie expedition.  Emelia was key in locating the cup: she is, however, a civilian who requires protection.

It looks like we’ll have to put the mage down.  We have to make a decision right now.  Do we use full force on a still unidentified target, or can someone come up with a better idea?

*I’m calling the mage a ‘him’, but in fact we have no idea if he is human let alone a man at this point.


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