Hitch’s Journal 23 November 2011 – I’ve been everywhere, man…

Thunderbird Point, Wisconsin, San Francisco, California, Salt Lake City, Utah, Toronto, Ontario, Boston, Massachusetts, Miami, Florida. We are certainly on the move, but we have to now prove we are making progress.

Our target in Miami is the Greater Vampire Philip Usher. Sired in the 1940s, Usher seems to be a rank above the Greater Vampire foot soldiers we have been running into. I would guess Usher is of an older generation than Vampire foot soldiers who, I believe, are new recruits identified as having combat talents through the use of the New Future Force network. Whereas Usher, if our the theory is correct, would have been selected in the 1940s for his ability to stick to a plan for 70 odd years. We know that Usher’s operational role was to compromise the security of the American Academy with his power of domination.

Information indicates that Usher arrive recently in Miami, and is using the home of a wealthy well-wisher as a lair. So we know where our target should be, and we have an advantage that of his two Greater Vampire henchmen, one has already been dispatched. That should not make us cocky, we all remember the lair assault in San Francisco. That encounter taught us two things: lair security can be very impressive; and an intelligent Greater Vampire on its home ground is not a foe to take lightly. And this one has been undead for 70 years: he isn’t a fool, he must have a plan!

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