Hitch’s Journal 24 November 2011 – Approaching Midnight in Miami

Bernie Cruthers, one of the greatest snitches who ever lived, is dead. And although he was not deeply loved by his community, they have united behind his death as a cause. They are outcasts together, outcasts tired of being hunted, outcasts, at this point, on our side.

It appears that Bernie was murdered by the order of Philip Usher, who was looking for information on us. Usher has taken that information and fortified a defensive point at a place called Coral Castle, where he plans to kill us, if we’re lucky. We know that Rich Saville has joined him as a reinforcement, and he brought a coffin with him. So I expect to face at least three Greater Vampires, Rich Saville, a number of human guards who don’t know exactly what is going to happen, but prepared to fire on intruders. And if I had to put money on it, I’d say there will be something more in the Coral Castle. Through hesitation we have lost surprise on Usher, so we have to use numbers.

Bearing in mind we are no small power in ourselves – behind us we have an array of lycanthropes. They are mostly wererats, but there is also a frightening backbone of werewolves and dead-eyed weresharks. That should be quite a punch. Further, there is a G Hit Squad which knows about our operation, and wants to be involved. We know from experience that when the G go in they sweep an area clean of everything that moves. The human flunkies at the Coral Castle pose an ethical difficulty. They don’t know what they are working for, they are not part of the evil. We remain the Academy, even when we are at war, we answer for all killings – the G only have to explain things when they miss a target.

Perhaps we could use wererats to chase away the humans, who won’t be able to harm them with normal weapons, while we target the real threats, with support from the scarier lycanthropes. We could hold the G Hit Squad as a reserve, only let them loose if we get in a position where we really need the extra punch. That way we could use the G primarily to smooth things over with the authorities.

A side note to the G issue: Agent Web London tried to use me as an information source. He’s good, he almost did it, but he made a mistake when he claimed he did not have file on me. I witnessed G agents working in a way that indicates they do have further information about me. If London has questions, he has channels inside the G he should use, Agent Frank Gibson to be precise. If the Academy wants us to work closer with the G, that order can come down from Wagner. If the Academy doesn’t want that cooperation, we will need to discuss it as a team.

Still, that is a problem for the dawn, I hope we live long enough to worry about it.

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