Hitch’s Journal 12.04am 25 November 2011 – Split Second Supplementary entry – Daylight at Midnight

We can all see Rich Saville’s corpse as clear as day.  Saville became visible as he died, and his body now lies in the heat zone of my Wall of Fire.  Under normal situations the death of Rich Saville would be a major event, a warranted mage downed – but not tonight.  The situation is extreme at Coral Castle.

Outside, on the Castle’s grounds werecreatures hunt the undead, and human hirelings flee for their lives.  Inside, the Coral Castle’s interior has been bathed in magical daylight, gunfire, and flames. Phillip Usher has backed up against a wall to get away from the blaze, and the Chicago Campus has closed in.  Behind us, the G Hit team is moving up.  Usher is our target, and we are bringing everything to bear on him.

By my count, between us and our motley allies, in addition to Saville’s death, some eight greater vampires have been taken out.  This vampire battle is comparible in scale to some of the larger 1919 hunts.  An interesting fact to drop into our report should we live, but our target is Philip Usher.  Miss him, we fail the mission.

Usher may appear cornered, but he is calm.  He is too long in the tooth for us to assume he has no more moves.  Usher has survived 70 years of unlife, and clearly wants to survive tonight.  Right now he could be playing for time, waiting for the best moment.

The sooner Usher is done and dusted the better.

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