Hitch’s Journal 2.38pm 28 November 2011 – Split Second Supplementary entry – “Afternoon of the Dead”

Charles, one of our trio of Spiritual guides, has set us a puzzle. When we solve it, we will be ready to contact Tessa and then return to Chicago. As with all these puzzles, it is long on dream-time visions, in this case a dream of travelling Viking heroes, and short on Cliff Notes. All we know for sure is that to retrace the Viking’s footsteps, Lebanon, Kansas is the best place to start.

Rural towns all over Kansas are dying out. Lebanon is doing that quicker than most. The town forms a part in the plans of our foe, but it appears that the inhabitants themselves were optional – it’s like ‘Afternoon of the Dead’ here. As an educated guess: during the last nine hours a powerful necromancer, aided by the organisation that Tower Holdings connects to, has converted the population of Lebanon into a mass of alarmingly quick-moving Zombies, as a defence and trap against us. The Zombies,
led by an occasional human, selected for survival apparently because of their surliness and bigotry, are moving to attack us.

The fact that so many people were killed as a response to us is chilling – the need to destroy us is now so pressing that our foes will kill hundreds to prepare for our arrival.

Our target for beginning our search in Lebanon is a building owned by an entity linked to Tower Holdings, that stands on the corner of North Chestnut St and Chicago Ave. We are trying to close on that building, but North Chestnut St is proved more dangerous than we expected. Right now, Paul and Sandi are still at road level: Dan, Cliff and I are on a roof top. Paul and Sandi are playing for time with a mob of zombies, but those of us on the roof top can take a strategic view of the scene.

One thing that must figure into our calculations is that there is a normal human on the ground, being closed in on by zombies, but unable to flee because of a broken leg.

We must:
– do what we can to limit pointless human casualties.
– survive this street and reach the Tower Holdings building.
– be ready, once we reach the building, to fight a powerful necromancer and bodyguard, should we need to.

There is no guarantee that there is anything or anyone at the building, but we must be ready for a second battle… Never a dull moment.

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