Hitch’s Journal 3.20pm 28 November 2011 – Split Second Supplementary entry – “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…”

So here we all are then – in the subterranean tunnel below the Tower Holdings building, in the dark, with foes to the front and back. Still, mustn’t grumble.

We have reached the Tower Holdings building, after a large detour, which involved explosives, zombies, magically trapped doors, innocents being used as bait, more zombies, probable vampire snipers, and the local New Future Force Militia. To get through all that we have had to use every inch of cover and Sandi’s abilities to the max. In fact, beyond the max. The whole bit where Sandi fell from a second-floor window, her pistols blazing holes through two zombies, then back-flipping to land unharmed on the pavement still seeking targets with her weapons – was an astounding athletic display.

On the way, we discovered:
– Some eight people, not vampires, have been staying in the accommodations of the Tower Holdings building. No doubt New Future Force Militia members.
– Rieker has been here, and given the amount of undead, he may still be.
– That the New Future Force we have contacted are fanatical, and if cornered suicidally so. They also appear to have been briefed about us.
– Yet more explosives, now backed with Glyphs of Warding.
– That the local sheriff holds the chief Chief Clancy Wiggum award for Excellence in Observational Policing. His whole town was turned to zombies, while he was too distracted to notice.

Once at the Tower Holdings building we located the tunnel entrance we suspected was there, and the first opposition we ran into in the dark were four Vampire shock troops with automatic weapons working as a team. We drove them back, only to have a second opponent, or opponents, catch up to us from behind with more automatic weapons. So we are between two threats. That being said, we are in a strong position.

The Travelling Chicago Campus remains in good condition. The team’s magical firepower is still mostly untapped as we avoided using our spell powers up on what were clearly designed as distractions. We are largely unharmed, and there are still a good number of magic bullets to be fired. Most importantly, with the increasing of direct resistance as we reached the Tower Holdings building and entered the tunnel, it feels like we are closing on our target.

We remain on mission, and now we advance on the centre… what could be simpler?

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