Hitch’s Journal – 4.50pm 28 November 2011 – Split Second Supplementary entry – A Tomb beyond Midgard

We have just stepped into an enormous frozen cavern, our exit has now sealed behind us. Perhaps we have stepped into our own tomb. It is obvious we have stepped into another dimensional space, we have gone beyond our World – beyond Midgard.

This cavern is nearly beyond scale of description. It is vaulted high enough that it would easily provide enough space for a light aircraft to comfortably fly in. Rieker has clearly designed this as a trap, he has left us with a gigantic undead dragon, and he expects our deaths to be inevitable. Yet, I sense there is a larger purpose behind our presence here. I believe our spirit guide Charles may want us here to deliver the dragon from its undead existance, and to achieve this end, Charles let Rieker play an unknown part in this drama to bring us to the dragon. In many respects I must believe this, otherwise there is no escape from the cavern.

There may not be any escape any way. The dragon’s eyes betray intelligence, but no glimpse of mercy. From my reading, and there are few reliable witnesses accounts of dragon battles, the creatures are almost unstoppable. They are capable of crushing a human foe with an easy blow, and can effectively ignore most human-scale attacks. We are in a tight spot.

It is now time to look at what we have. I have reserved some firepower for this foe, Paul and Dan should still have something left, but is it enough? None of us prepared for a battle of such scale. I am convinced the Cup and Spear must be here and now – reason for the entire trip, but how to get them to function is another matter. We have little time to plan, and we must do what we can with what we have. If, or when, Paul and I run out of spells, we will need to read them straight from the PDAs. A mage doesn’t lightly destroy his own library, but our choices are slim. Sandi and Cliff will need to place their shots or blows well. All accounts are unanimous that it takes no small skill to harm these gigantic creatures. And Dan, we must get the dragon into a position where we can bring Dan safely into play – but how Dan can bring his power to bear, I do not know.

We have no choice, we can hold nothing back now – if we win, perhaps we will be able to find a way home then. But that only matters if we live.

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