Tuesday Teaser: Hirelings – Below the Castle

In quick succession Darius, Hod and Theodora stepped out of the limited cover provided by the shrine situated about a third the way up the castle’s mound, loosed their last arrow, and stepped back. Nearby, the Aquilonian Friar Edric continued to sing praises to Mitra – as though that was making any difference at this stage! Darius thought – and the deep thrum of Vorel’s Bossonian Longbow continued to sound.

“Let’s get up there and spill some blood!” Theodora screamed, raking out her cross-hilt Aquilonian broadsword and pointing up at the gate-top with it. She set off up the mound at a run, a couple of ill-directed crossbow bolts zipping past her, and caught up to Celo, who was waiting for Morath to climb up. With three clustered at the corner formed by gate and wall, there was no cover.

Darius and Hod looked at one another, then over at Vorel. “Got another!” they heard him mutter, whipping another shaft up and to the nock without pause. Hod looked back at Darius and shrugged.

“Guess we earn our wages now,” the uncouth Bossonian remarked, picking his battleaxe back up. He set off.

Darius slung his longbow and glanced around. Hod didn’t seem to have realized that he would not be able to climb a sheer wall up to an overhang and still carry a weapon. Realistically all they could do was wait for Bardic to open the gates, or stand in the open and be shot. Still, he could hardly hang back with the boss and the Friar in cover now could he? He sprinted after Hod.

Out north past the village, Kuruk spotted two riders approaching fast. He raised himself as high as he could on his pony for a clearer view, hoping they were his people. He could pick out bows and bow-cases… but he could tell by the size of the mounts and their gait that these were not his allies. He swung his pony round and galloped back around the castle, yipping his alarm-call.

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